Fresh Start

Ahh….can you taste the new and crisp flavor? I can.

I’ve been in constant deliberation of what to do when it comes to blogging. A lot of people in the world blog, but a lot of these people don’t have an audience.

What do I mean? I’m talking about those that just ramble on about how their day is going. In the end nothing has really changed about the persons day to day life. It’s kind of boring actually.

I was a victim of this style of writing for a long time. Everything was random Рnothing had a purpose. Everything was plastered on there with no organization  to it. There have been several blogs that I have closed as a result of this.

However, this time – it’s going to be done right. It may not be updated all the time, but at least it’s going to be directed towards a certain audience with specific content. My hopes are that this blog will be centered around traveling, and the different traveling adventures I have over my life. It should be interesting, and will be pretty neat to reflect on a couple of years from now. The greatest thing to do is to write these memories down in a journal – but that’s hard to share with the world. (Let’s hope they care somewhat!) So, this is where this type of platform takes shape.

Some (well most) of the pages aren’t working right now. I will need to add the content from my other computer. So I guess, for now, this will have to do!